About Alpha Studio

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We are a group of creative adults who have Intellectual Disabilities or Sensory Impairments. From our studio space in central Wellington we practise our art. We undertake art workshops (scrap-booking, jewellery, 3D, printmaking, etc). We do a range of activities that make life more fun (drama, dancing, horse-riding) and also encourage our personal development (cooking classes, computers and literacy). We volunteer for various organizations ( Wellington City Mission, Meals on Wheels), and we often work on different projects and with various groups that see us active in our communities!

We have recently opened a gallery space at the front of our building called "Alpha Gallery" we are excited that this is a way to learn valuable real life skills like customer service and cash handling, whilst having the chance to exhibit our work frequently in a professional gallery alongside artists from the wider community.

We welcome you to come up and have a look at our space and at our gallery. We also have a meeting room for hire, an accessible toilet (with a hoist!), and always something cool going on.


We aim to:

  • Enable and empower people with an intellectual disability to be active citizens and valued members of their community.
  • Provide a service that is driven by the wants and needs of the service users and caters to their social, creative, physical, self-developmental goals.
  • Enable people to explore their creativity and learn new skills in a variety of different art making mediums.
  • Be a platform for artists to exhibit in the wider community and develop their professional practise.
  • Create a happy, accessible and safe environment that people want to come to be social and have fun.
  • Deliver opportunities that increase people's sense of wellbeing and self-worth.


Core Values

Respect, Empowerment, Opportunity, Creativity, Inclusion, Community, Self-expression